The Western Slope church of Christ in Grand Junction, Colorado welcomes you!

We are simply a group of Christians assembling at this location with one intent - to worship God and to live our lives in His service and in obedience to His will. In order to do that, we must study to show ourselves approved
(2 Timothy 2:15). We greatly encourage individual Bible study on a daily basis, but we also come together for periods of collective Bible study, encouragement, and edification (see " Meeting Times ").

We invite you to come worship with us. At the same time, we realize that people are often times hesitant to go into a strange place simply because they are uncertain about what to do and what will be expected of them. This is especially true when asked to attend a "religious" service. In introducing ourselves to you, we want to set your mind at ease by telling you what you can expect when you visit with us (see " About Us ").

Western Slope church of Christ
2923 North Avenue, Unit #3
Grand Junction, CO  81504

We invite you to attend the services of the Western Slope church of Christ.
We are non-denominational, non-instrumental, non-institutional.
We are simply Christians striving only to practice New Testament Christianity.

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